Interoperability Working Group

Call Summary July 14, 2017

Status Updates:

  • Cast Vote Record Subgroup: close to a final version. There are some minor updates needed, as well as completing documentation and some examples.
  • Election Event Logging Subgroup: in its final form, but John Wack will follow up with Cybersecurity Working Group to make sure everything is in sync.
  • Election Night Reporting Subgroup: conversations about making minor improvements to bring it in line with VIP 5.1 and more useful in an international environment. John Wack will put together a meeting in mid-August or so to go over proposed changes.
  • Election Modeling: John Dziurlaj is working on this. Weekly meetings are on Wednesdays, but he will speak with SMEs between meetings to make sure were covering ground quickly and comprehensively. Note that he will no longer be sending out copies of the latest model via email. Its all on GitHub.
  • Voting Methods Subgroup: Lauren Lochridge gave an update on work to model voting methods by gathering information from existing legislation and local jurisdiction rules. There will be a spreadsheet submitted soon for comments, and a GitHub repository will be set up. There was also a conversation of increasing interest from states in alternative methods like ranked choice voting.
  • Conversation about moving on to more detailed areas of the voting cycle and/or working with states to see if we can get adoption of the material we have.
Next Steps:
  • Working on making information on CDF activities more uniform and promote it a bit more.
  • Working on getting documentation and schema in good shape for the TGDC meeting September 11.

John Wack

David Tarrant

Ericka Haas

Herb Deutsch

Ian Piper

John Dziurlaj

Katy Owens Hubler

Kim Brace

Lauren Massa Lochridge

John McCarthy

Tammy Patrick

Jared Marcotte

John Sebes

Duane Duane

Stafford Ward

Tom Connolly

-- John Wack - 2017-07-17


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