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This working group is for the discussion and development of requirements and related information for voting systems, intended ultimately for inclusion in the Election Assistance Commission (EAC) Voluntary Voting System Guidelines (VVSG). The focus of this working group is on requirements addressing pre-election activities, including equipment initialization, loading, development of election configurations, and election readiness.


  • Document the high level steps and processes necessary to prepare for an election.
  • Identify the necessary functionality of election systems needed to administer pre-election day functions.
  • Include or upload your step-by-step procedures used in various jurisdictions to accomplish each election process.


  • Complete first draft of election processes by December 7, 2015.
  • Complete identification of necessary system functionality to serve the election processes by January 15, 2016.
  • Finalize election processes and functionality by February 10, 2016.

Process Under Consideration

Pre-Election Process Model


Full-Size Pre-Election Process Model

Pre-Election Process Information

For Sussex County, NJ processes see "SCNJ Pre-Election Validation" specific to testing and validating the iVotronic voting machine.

For Sussex County, NJ processes see "SCNJ Election Handbook" specific to programming and testing the election ballot.

For Sussex County, NJ iVotronics processes see "SCNJ State Testing Protocols" for NJ State Mandated Ballot Testing.

Process Functions

  1. Process Overview -- Denver
  2. Review changes in state statute and rule.
  3. Review past election issues for necessary changes to implement.
  4. Identify scope of audits.
  5. Meet with stakeholders.
    • USPS
    • Candidates
    • Media
    • Political Party observers
  6. Register Voters.
    • Assign Districts/Precincts to voters.
    • Assign voters to the upcoming election.
  7. Identify offices to be included in the upcoming election.
    • Finalize your districts and precincts for the upcoming election.
  8. File candidates.
    • Notify neighboring counties of shared candidate filings.
  9. Accept ballot measures and questions from jurisdictions/state.
    • Notify neighboring counties of measures that cross county lines.
  10. Set up election in tabulation system.
    • Optical Scan
    • Digital Scan
    • DREs/Touchscreens
  11. Set up election in voter registration system.
  12. Create Ballots.
    • Optical scan ballots
    • Digital scan ballots
    • MOVE Act compliant ballots
    • DRE/Touchscreen
    • Sample ballots
  13. Proof election coding.
  14. Proof ballots.
  15. Create Voters' Pamphlets and/or Sample Ballots.
  16. Proof Voters' Pamphlets and/or Sample Ballots.
  17. Identify quantities of paper ballots to order.
  18. Identify the polling places or voting centers you will use in the election.
    • Send notification.
    • Set hours.
  19. Pre-test election equipment.
  20. Central count systems
  21. Precinct count systems
    • Optical/Digital Scan
    • DREs/Touchscreens
  22. e-pollbooks
  23. Schedule staff.
  24. Train staff.
    • Central Count staff
    • Poll workers
    • Troubleshooters
  25. Set up and test Ballot on Demand systems.
  26. Conduct Official Logic and Accuracy Testing.
  27. Send UOCAVA ballots.
    • By mail
    • Electronically
  28. Send Voters' Pamphlets and/or Sample Ballots.
  29. Publish legal notices.
  30. Ensure website is up-to-date.
  31. Test election night reporting system.
  32. Pick up mail ballots from the post office daily.
  33. Process incoming vote by mail ballots.
    • Verify signatures.
    • Apply credit for voting.
    • Separate ballots from envelopes.
    • Visually scan ballots to ensure proper tally by vote tabulation equipment.
    • Duplicate if necessary.
    • Seal ballots until ready to scan.
  34. Deliver equipment and supplies to polling places and voting centers.
  35. Set up central count facility for Election Day activities.


Next Meeting

The NIST Voting System Pre-Election Requirements Working Group will meet by telecon; date and time and connection details to be announced.

Meeting Archive



Name: Lori Augino


Affiliation: Washington State Director of Elections


Name: Ross Hein


Affiliation: State of Wisconsin Elections Division

Agency Lead

Name: Brian Hancock


Affiliation: Election Assistance Commission


Membership Information:

Participation in this Working Group is open to all interested parties. There are no membership fees.

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Email List Name: vvsg-pre-election

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