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Voting TWiki Help

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TWiki Help and Workflow Essentials for Using the Voting TWiki

Essential Purpose and Background

The Voting TWiki has been implemented using a kind of collaboration platform and information medium called a TWiki. In turn, a TWiki is a kind of Wiki, which is essentially an editable website. Wiki is the essential technology upon which sites like Wikipedia are based. The first Wiki was designed as a way to see how ideas move through a group of people. It was created to foster collaboration among these many people, enabling them to represent their ideas in such a way that one idea could be linked to others, forming a whole network of associations being considered by a group. With many people editing and updating these ideas, a Wiki provides a way for the best representations of ideas to emerge from the ongoing editing of the site by many individuals. In the end, it will come to represent the overall knowledge of the group.

In general, a website has individual web pages each of which can be linked to one another. Additional kinds of files and information may be associated with each page by attaching them to the desired page as attachments. Each web page contains specific kinds of information which may be represented and displayed in particular ways.

Map of a Voting TWIki Page User Interface

Users can understand the primary interfaces used for pages on this site by referring to the following interactive user interface map.

To navigate to help pages associated with particular tasks either click the task of interest in the image map below.

When you move the mouse over portions of the image (such as the control bars on the TOP, BOTTOM, and LEFT side - as well as elements in the middle, right area) a HAND CURSOR will appear and you can click directly to related help pages there.

Interactive User Interface Map

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Essential TWiki User Tasks

The essential tasks of a TWiki user are to access, create, develop, and expand page content via the following user operations:

Working Groups subscribe help page video tutorial quick reference
activate account help page video tutorial quick reference
Page create help page video tutorial quick reference
copy help page video tutorial quick reference
rename help page video tutorial quick reference
restore help page video tutorial quick reference
delete help page video tutorial quick reference
edit help page video tutorial quick reference
Editor toggle full-screen mode help page video tutorial quick reference
Page File Attachment attach help page video tutorial quick reference
remove help page video tutorial quick reference
Link create link to attachment help page video tutorial quick reference
create link to page help page video tutorial quick reference
create link to external web page help page video tutorial quick reference
delete help page video tutorial quick reference
Twiki log in help page video tutorial quick reference
log out help page video tutorial quick reference
go to home page help page video tutorial quick reference
list pages help page video tutorial quick reference
list changes help page video tutorial quick reference
search help page video tutorial quick reference
reset password help page video tutorial quick reference

Getting Oriented

The overall site is organized into several essential sections:

  1. Home Page
  2. Working Group Pages such as the Election Process Working Group Pages and Constituency Working Group Pages
  3. Communication and Feedback Pages such as AnnouncementsAndInformation
  4. Help Pages

Home Page

The Home Page is located at

Important User Interfaces

Important User Interfaces include:

  1. The Top User Interface
    1. The Breadcrumbs
    2. The Top Buttons
    3. The Top Navigation Bar
    4. The Dashboard
    5. The Left Menu Bar
  2. The Bottom Links

The Top User Interface


These interfaces provide access to common functions carried out by TWiki users. These interfaces are all provided for the primary Essential Sections such as the Working Group Pages, the Home Page, etc.

The Breadcrumbs


The purpose of the breadcrumbs is to orient the user to where they are in the Voting TWiki itself.

This is very useful, for example, when working in topics in the Knowledge Base where, due to the high number of pages that will accumulate there, the Top Navigation Bar is no longer visible.

The Top Buttons


The edit and attach buttons are provided at the top of each page for convenience so that users can quickly perform the high frequency tasks of:

  1. Editing a given Page
  2. Attaching a File to a Given Page

The Top Navigation Bar


These include button links to the following:

Election Process Working Group Pages


  1. Pre-Election Process Working Group Page
  2. Election Process Working Group Page
  3. Post-Election Process Working Group Page

Constituency Working Group Pages


  1. Cyber Security Working Group Page
  2. Human Factors Working Group Page
  3. Interoperability Working Group Page
  4. Testing Working Group Page

Template Pages

Templates are specific pages used for creating other pages, such as meeting pages, which are all intended to have a similar structure and similar kinds of information.

Specific templates that have been created for this portal already include:

  1. Meeting Template
  2. Process Template
  3. Function Template
  4. Sub Group Template
  5. Generic Topic Template

Templates are usually created and edited by site administrators maintain the portal's infrastructure and workflows.

Most users may only use templates when creating specific kinds of pages.

For example:

  • if a given user needs to create a meeting page for an upcoming meeting, then they will select the MeetingTemplate template when creating that particular meeting page for their activities using the Create New Topic Page.
  • A user concerned with defining and documenting particular processes would use the ProcessTemplate template.
  • A user documenting a particular function may create a specific function page using the FunctionTemplate template.
  • A user creating a new subgroup to carry out a particular task may create a new sub group page using the SubGroupTemplate template.

The Dashboard


The purpose of the dashboard is to provide the user with important page-specific information such as it's table of contents, help pages, and important links.

The Left Menu Bar


The purpose of the left menu bar is to provide the user with an interface to common tasks such as creating a new topic, searching for something in the twiki, seeing a list of topics, etc. Those specific tasks are detailed in the user tasks section of this help page.

Bottom Links


The purpose of the bottom links area is to provide the user with an interface to common tasks such as editing a page, attaching a file to a page, viewing the history or differences of a page, moving, deleting, or renaming a page, etc. Those specific tasks are detailed in the user tasks section of this help page.

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